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Our Process

Save, Invest, and Spend with Intention

We approach wealth coaching and wealth management through a thoughtful and comprehensive three-step process. 

 Our Three Steps Towards Financial Wellness

Step 1


Awareness is the recognition that you’re being exploited to consume now to the detriment of your financial future. Awareness is the understanding that your innate desires for pleasure and convenience inhibit personal growth. Awareness is the acknowledgment that you’re made to feel like you live in a state of perceived scarcity, and how the scarcity mindset attracts poor financial decisions.

Step 2


Accountability is defining what you want out of life, and what you’re willing to do for it. Confronting and disarming your ego, committing to change and having the belief that you can pursue meaning and purpose. Accountability is detaching from the things, outcomes and beliefs that lead you down the path to mass consumption and unintentional choices.

Step 3


Action means paying off debt, building an emergency savings account, and creating and working towards meaningful goals. Action is not about being perfect, fast results, or pleasure. Action is about commitment, seeing progress, and celebrating success, while being resilient during setbacks. Action leads to freedom.


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