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Financial Freedom Can't Free You From Thumbnail

Financial Freedom Can't Free You From

I write a lot about financial freedom and the power and peace that it brings. When you’re financially free, time is yours and you can pursue new and exciting opportunities that provide meaning and purpose. Financial freedom doesn’t necessarily mean retirement. Instead, it’s about using time in a way that is in more alignment with values, passions, and interests. Financial freedom allows you to buy back the most important asset of all, your time.

That said, financial freedom doesn’t mean you’re 100% free. Why? Because financial freedom can’t free you from – jealously, greed, anger, hate, living with a scarce mindset, ego, shame, and other negative thought patterns.

These feelings and mindsets have the power to keep us locked in a prison of our own creation, and if unaddressed, will take the precious time you fought so hard to get back.   

I’ll let you in on a secret, no amount of money will 100% set you free. It doesn’t matter if you are in credit card debt or an 80-year-old billionaire, these feelings, mindsets, thought loops, and emotions have no boundaries. That said, we all have an equal opportunity to set ourselves free, and you can start the journey today. It’s all about creating more mental space to observe your thoughts, emotions, and to recognize the fact that these feelings, mindsets, and emotions exist. But when you develop an awareness that these thoughts exists, you now have the ability to make the choice to invite these thoughts in or kick them out.

And the best news of all…….this journey is free! You just need to want it.