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News from Future You Wealth and financial resources to keep you going on your path towards your financial goals.

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When it comes to financial planning (and life), we need to develop a healthy relationship with risk. What is risk, and how is it defined? Risk is all about the degree of uncertainty.

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The Simple Path To Building Wealth Thumbnail

The Simple Path To Building Wealth

The key to building wealth and establishing some version of financial independence is to change your mindset and actions away from being just a consumer of stuff and supplier of labor, and towards being an owner of capital and life on your terms.

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How To Build Wealth In The Stock Market Thumbnail

How To Build Wealth In The Stock Market

The stock market is (and has been) the single biggest contributor to wealth over time. Stock returns have outpaced those of cash, bonds, real estate, commodities, and collectibles. It’s not even close. What is a stock, and what does it mean to own a stock?

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2020 Stock Market Outlook Thumbnail

2020 Stock Market Outlook

“In 2019 we’ll see a corporate earnings recession, 2% GDP growth, escalating trade tensions with China, and President Trump will be impeached. Against this backdrop, U.S. stocks will surge over 25%, the Barclays Aggregate Bond Index will return over 8%, and Gold will be up over 15%.”

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