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News from Future You Wealth and financial resources to keep you going on your path towards your financial goals.

How To Embrace Delayed Gratification Thumbnail

How To Embrace Delayed Gratification

Instant gratification is saying yes to mindless consumption. It’s succumbing to the daily attacks of brand messages and allowing yourself to be manipulated to spend. Delayed gratification is the exact opposite. It’s about being committed to your goals, living in alignment with your values, and imagining all the benefits that come with waiting and prioritizing to build the future version of you.

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Financial Freedom Thumbnail

Financial Freedom

Money is freedom as it affords you the ability to call the shots on how you use your time – where to go, what to do, and with whom to share it.

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What I Learned From Running a 50K (31 miles)  Thumbnail

What I Learned From Running a 50K (31 miles)

Last month I went to social media to announce my goal to run a 50K (31 miles) by the end of May. Well, I’m happy to announce that this past weekend I accomplished my 50K goal and I am now a proud member of the Ultra Marathon community. Running has given me so much over the last two years, and here are the six life lessons running a 50K reinforced for me:

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How to Take Financial Responsibility in a Time of Crisis Thumbnail

How to Take Financial Responsibility in a Time of Crisis

Our “safe” jobs are vulnerable, work hours have been reduced, and anticipated raises and bonuses are in jeopardy. For many of us, our financial situation is as scary as ever. But how did this happen so quickly? How did we go from record consumer spending to the brink of financial ruin in less than two months? How were we so unprepared?

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Hey there, HENRY! Thumbnail

Hey there, HENRY!

If you are over five years into your career, on your 2nd or 3rd promotion, and still find yourself asking the question…..”where does all my money go?”, you’re probably a HENRY. That’s right, a HENRY – High Earner Not Rich Yet.

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Scarcity in Times of Abundance  Thumbnail

Scarcity in Times of Abundance

We live in times of great abundance. We have “more” than at any other point in human history. We have access to more technology, information, and medical breakthroughs. Our homes are bigger, we own more cars, and food is always present (and in large quantities). So, with all this abundance, why does it feel like we have so little?

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