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Ask and You Shall Receive  Thumbnail

Ask and You Shall Receive

Does it seem like everyone, but you, gets an extra boost from the universe?

To achieve a lofty goal or to get out of a tough spot, hard work and discipline will take you a long way, but you need a little something extra. Call it luck, the law of attraction, the secret; the people who are the most successful in reaching their goals no doubt get help from the universe.

OK, great, but that’s for other people, not me, right?

100% False!

The universe, momentum, and luck…..they don’t have favorites - we are all worthy of receiving.

If you’ve been stuck for a while and you’re waiting for your luck to turn, it’s probably time to examine the questions you’re putting out into the universe.

Let’s explore.

Why me? Questions

Why is saving money so hard?                                                                                                                                   

Why do I hate my job so much?

Why do I feel stuck?

You get what you ask for, and if you ask a “why me?” question, the universe will give you a “why you” answer, and you’ll start receiving signs and information that will do nothing more than confirm your problem. This is a passive approach to receiving, and you will likely stay in the status quo.

So, instead of asking a passive question, try taking an active approach.

How do I? Questions

How do I get out of credit card debt?

How do I build wealth?   

How do I find a career that I’m excited about?

If you ask a “how do I?” question, the universe will show you. Asking “how do I…?” signals to the universe that you’re ready to take action. And when you’re ready and committed to take action, you open yourself up to receiving signs and information that will help you move forward. You’re not asking the universe to make it easy. Instead, you’re asking for the way. And if you keep your eyes, ears, and heart wide open, a world that you never thought was possible will soon open up. But you first have to ask and be ready for it.