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Comprehensive wealth management for high-earning professionals through all life stages

The Future You Wealth Difference
Why our clients trust us with their wealth (click on each box to find out more)

Independent Fee-Only Fiduciary

Aligned with client best interests in every respect.

Highly Qualified & Experienced Team

30+ years in industry at top global brands. All advisors have master’s degrees and professional affiliations.

Evidence-based Investing

Investment process informed by highest industry qualifications (CFA, MCom) and independent research. Tax sensitive, low cost, patient.

Tailored End-to-End Service

Pragmatic planning, understandable investing, supportive coaching. Tech enabled and efficient. Clear communication at every step.

Fair, Transparent Fees

No sales incentives, up-front fees or product cross-selling. Fees are based solely on assets under management, ensuring long-term alignment.

Beyond Wealth

We recognize that wealth isn’t an end in itself. We’re focused on how money can be used as a fundamental resource for a great life.

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Your Guide on the Path To Financial Independence

Future You Wealth is for high-earning professionals, through all life stages, who want to make the most of their life and money. We offer comprehensive wealth management services that will help you save for your future and achieve your financial goals. With our help, you can rest easy knowing that you have a guide and a partner on the path to financial independence.

Our engagements are comprised of three core components: planning, investing and coaching. 


Create and maintain a financial plan to stay on track toward your goals. Stay in sync with what's important and adapt to evolving life changes.


Invest with confidence and implement a strategy that builds wealth and helps you achieve financial independence.


Get help and accountability while working on your financial goals. Develop and maintain strong financial habits that last a lifetime.

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Planning & Investing on Your Schedule

Navigating the financial system can seem challenging and time-consuming, especially while managing a packed schedule. That's why Future You Wealth respects your time and helps you get started fast. Our modular approach to planning and investing helps you accomplish short-term goals now while building a financial foundation for the future.

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